Easy Hot Key

Easy Hot Key is a software that offers you the opportunity to put useful actions onto every key on your keyboard (of course, the f keys as well). That is for example „Open program/directory“, „Open website“ or „Insert text“. Key combinations are also possible. A detailed list of all actions possible can be found below.

 Easy Hot Key is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (64 bit versions as well).

Bug fix
Some more complex key combinations couldn't be simulated using the corresponding action.

Main window
Insert text
Adjust Volume
Control audio/video
Control browser
Open program/dir
Simulate key combination
Hide certain windows
Insert date/time
Open website
  • Close all windows

    All opened windows are closed

  • Display desktop

    All opened windows are minimized

  • Display settings

    The Display Settings are opened

  • Control audio/video playback *

    Executes one of the actions play, pause, stop, next or previous

  • Cut

    Cuts the selected content to clipbard

  • Hide certain windows *

    Specify keywords for hiding certain windows

  • Open browser

    The browser is opened

  • Control browser *

    Controls the browser (next, back, home, favorites, ...)

  • Date and time

    The date and time settings are opened

  • Insert date/time *

    Inserts the current date or time

  • Open website

    A website is opened

  • Open e-mail appli­cation

    The e-mail appli­cation is opened

  • Paste

    Pastes the content from the clipboard

  • Search the internet *

    Opens a search window for Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, eBay, Amazon or Bing

  • Command line

    Executes the command line

  • Copy

    Copys the selected content to the clipboard

  • Adjust volume *

    Adjusts the system volume or sets it mute

  • New folder

    Creates a new folder

  • Open program/directory *

    Executes a program or a directory

  • Close program

    Closes the currently opened program

  • Regional and language settings

    The regional and language settings are opened

  • Sound

    Opens the Sound Settings

  • Software list *

    The software list is opened

  • System settings

    The system settings are opened

  • Open control panel

    The control panel is opened

  • Simulate key combi­nation *

    Simulates some key combi­nation

  • Insert text *

    Inserts a text at the current cursor position

  • Show hidden windows *

    Specify keywords for showing hidden windows

  • Open website *

    A website is opened

  • Log off

    Causes a log off

  • Shut down windows *

    Shuts down windows

  • Standby *

    Sets windows to standby mode

  • Reboot windows *

    Windows is rebooted

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